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Check Your Receipts

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This is a Public Service Announcement.

But I’ll start it with a confession of sorts- I’m not a penny-pincher. I’m not very frugal. I don’t use coupons, I don’t look for sales. I never have. If I want something, I buy it without usually looking at the price tag or where I can get it for cheaper. That’s not to say that I excessively spend money, but it’s just that I don’t have the time or the care to research prices, deals or check my receipts.

The only thing that I really spend money on without thinking about it is my food. Both my grandmother and my mother taught me that food is your health and life insurance policy, and you can never spend too much money on high quality, organic, healthy foods to nourish your body. That said, I am a self-described Whole Foods snob. I don’t really shop anywhere else unless there is a Sprouts,Trader Joe’s, or farmer’s market in the vicinity (which, side note, the grand opening of a Sprouts just one mile away from my house is happening today, and Trader Joe’s is under construction just another mile away- I die!).

I buy all of my produce, as well as pantry staples (tofu, quinoa, nuts, almond milk, etc) weekly at Whole Foods. And because I’m too lazy to make a separate stop at Target to get other “essentials”- (ie: sponges, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dog treats, etc), I usually end up buying them at Whole Foods as well- and paying more than I need to simply because it’s convenient. Sometimes I consider if this is really necessary, if I could just save myself some money and make a separate Target run, but then I get lazy reconsider and pay for convenience.

I swear I’m going somewhere with this.

So- I’m a spender, especially when it comes to food. But lately, in the past four months or so, I’ve noticed my grocery bill getting higher and higher every week. High enough that I started checking my receipts.

People, this is big news. I NEVER check my receipts.

But when I did, I started to notice a trend. There was at least one error in each transaction. From being charged twice for a can of coconut oil spray, to not getting the “one day sale!” price of a tub of watermelon, the fact that I was getting ripped off overcharged was glaring me in the face.

I started wondering, “how much money have I lost by trusting Whole Foods?” I started feeling like I had been cheated on. Something that I had put all my trust and love into was screwing me behind my back! OK, perhaps that is a bit dramatic…..

But the reality is that even these mistakes were not enough for me to go BACK into the store and request a refund. I hopped in my car and thought “oh, next time I’ll catch it AS it’s being RUNG UP at the register”. But still, my laziness ensued and I never really made a return trip to the customer service desk.

Except last night. I made an obligatory run to pick up goodies for the rest of the week since my parents are coming (!!!! side note- my parents get here tomorrow and I cannot wait to see them!!!). Somehow a grocery run for snack and fruit turned into a $189 dollar bill. Again, I thought, “wow, that was more than I anticipated”, but I collected my reusable bags and loaded them into my car. I happened to glance down at the receipt in my hand and noticed that I had been charged for 28 POUNDS of avocados- not 2.8 pounds…

28 pounds of avocado? It was 56 dollars!!! That, my friends, would be some expensive guacamole!

And so I marched myself back in there and asked for my $56.00 refund. I applauded myself on the back for catching this mistake (but seriously, how big did the overcharge have to be before I did something about it?) Then I thought to myself, I should blog about this. After all, how much $$$ could I be saving my readers?

So that, my friends,is your public service announcement. Go forth and always check your receipts. Unless you’re into making really expensive guacamole….


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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

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