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Free Bird


Oh, another Fourth of July post. Yes, it is.

But I’ll keep this short and sweet. Some of us (your truly) have to work tomorrow. No, I’m not bitter :::insert sarcasm::::. The life of a therapist in a private hospital. There are NO holidays for eating disorder patients.


So while I’m feeling sorry for myself, but before I start asking for sympathy….

I actually love the Fourth of July. I think part of this comes from growing up on the East Coast- especially Massachusetts. We’re Boston folk. We’re Patriots- in more ways than one. We New Englanders LOVE the Fourth of July.

If I didn’t live in Colorado and wasn’t working tomorrow, I’d be out on my cousin’s boat, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, drinking white wine, eating flag cake and watching fireworks. I’d be biking along the beach and eating blueberries fresh from my family’s farm. I’d be embracing my family members and a Sam Adams. Damn, this holiday makes me homesick and depressed…..

This is recap of a Fourth of July back in 2008 with my cousins and myself (yes, look closely- that’s me with my “natural color”- everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, agrees that I should embrace my freedom to color my hair- some people are better off blonde)

photo (1)


However, I’m not back east. I’m working and providing quality care for my patients. If I’m lucky, I’ll grab dinner with a coworker/girlfriend tomorrow night at True Food Kitchen, since I got a 25% off coupon there and my husband is doing what all other Coloradans do for the 4th- camping and fishing.

All that said, this morning’s vinyasa flow class was a reminder of why I love yoga, and why I love freedom. Of course, the theme was “independence”. We did a lot of heart openers, because let’s face it, freedom is all about being true to your heart. My yoga teacher played “Free Bird.” Need I say anything else?

What I love about my favorite yoga teacher is that she shamelessly plays whatever the f she wants to in class. She’s managed to put “Sweet Child of Mine” on a playlist for a 6:30 am Detox Flow class…. who DOES that and makes it WORK? I told her I’m still waiting on some Poison. She told me it’s in the works.

So rock on and be shamelessly free. To play “Free Bird” or whatever else floats your boat and makes your heart sing. Happy Fourth.


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

2 thoughts on “Free Bird

  1. my teacher is just like that… you never know if you’ll have a deep spiritual yoga class, or a rock-en 80’s band type of class… but it’s always what we end up needing. We pray or laugh and it works.. Plan to be home next year. Put it on that vision board and make it work . 🙂 have a happy

  2. Thanks! Love that we always somehow get what we need!

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