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On Being A Yoga Teacher


If you’re at all interested in healthy living, I’m sure you subscribe to Mind Body Green or at least check out their web site daily.

In the past few weeks, they’ve published two separate articles that have caused me to sigh, “where were you 6 months ago when I was contemplating YTT?”

I wish these articles had been around before I signed up for YTT. They wouldn’t have stopped me, per se, but they would have prepared me for a more accurate expectation of teaching yoga.

Ironically, the first article, titled, “What I Wish I’d Known Going into the Yoga Industry,” could have beeen called, “Read This Before You Sign Up for YTT”.

The second article, “7 Truths About Being a Yoga Teacher That No One Will Ever Tell You“, would have been equally helpful pre-YTT, at least for me. Edward Vilga references a statistic that by 2014, over 53% of the women under 35 in NYC will be certified to teach yoga. WHAT????? Well, good thing I live in Denver- although I’m sure the number is equally as mindblowing. This particular article really reinforced my gratitude that, for me, being a yoga teacher is just an addition to my career. It’s my “thing” on the side. It’s something I do to better serve my career and my patients, it’s not JUST my career. Trust me- if I sound like I’m dissing on being a full time yoga teacher, I’m not- I wish had the passion that my FT yoga teachers have, and I wish that lifestyle could work for me. But it doesn’t and it wouldn’t.

Perhaps I’m not just that passionate about teaching yoga to be willing to have a crazy schedule or sporatic income. I need a 9-5 schedule (OK, in my therapy world, it’s more like 8-7- oy). I need paid time off, I need a salary to support all the crazy adventures my husband and I have planned. I need my weekends OFF.

But all that said, of course I’m grateful I went through the YTT experience, because in the end, it has allowed me to connect with my patients on a different level, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to pass along the physical and emotional benefits of a yoga practice to others. I guess I’m including these links in today’s post because I wish I had read them before I started YTT, and maybe they’ll help someone who is contemplating becoming a yoga teacher.

In other news- HAPPY FRIDAY! We are headed out of the Denver heat and up into the mountains- a weekend in Steamboat Springs is just what I need- full report to come on Sunday night!


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4 thoughts on “On Being A Yoga Teacher

  1. very good Articles by all of you. I still want to be a teacher, but not so much for the $, I just want to share the passion šŸ™‚ I have a day job šŸ™‚ and will keep the day job, but still want to teach in my “retired years” so I’m good with volunteering my time till that time comes and will have built up I hope a good resume. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks for stopping by- and :::high five:: for sharing yoga passion!

  3. He made up that stat! It is disturbingly plausible, though…
    Even though I live somewhere with only 3 yoga teachers within a 40 mile radius, I know I’m very unlikely to recoup the costs of becoming one. Especially with substantial travel costs on top of the course fees…and now I need to get mats, etc, too… But I knew that and I’m having a great year, so that’s okay.
    I think your approach is grand – you have a profession you love and your yoga can enhance that.

  4. That’s what I figured- it was a made up statistic- at least that is what I told myself! šŸ™‚ As for you, traveling + yoga is worth the sacrifice though!

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