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I don’t even have a title for this post

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Well, you may have noticed lately that my posting has been slipping, even despite my best intentions to pay attention to my blog. I’m not sure what’s happening.

Part of me feels that my entire blog theme is now gone after my YTT experience, and really, this will become just another blog about some chick rambling on about her food, exercise, marriage and opinions on random sh1t. So then I lose my interest in posting, and think “who really cares?”. And then directly after THAT thought, comes, “well, what I just described sums up all of the blog that I LIKE to read, so maybe someone DOES care?” I have a lot of thoughts, apparently.

So I’m sitting here, digesting my dinner bowlful of Oh She Glow’s creamy avocado pasta (folks, that stuff is addictive- I add cherry tomatoes and arugula to mine and I just about orgasm in my patio chair), and wondering, “so….. WTF do I post about tonight? I don’t even have a title for a post?”

I could fill you in on the events of last week. We had our “Alumni Retreat” at work, in which we host a two day event for former patients to help them celebrate their recoveries. It is a lovely event, but basically I have to get five days of work in four in order to make room for the retreat. Which leads to four days of crazy Lisa.

I was also planning a friend’s bridal shower, which kept me busy and therefore I justify not blogging as well. Does anyone else ride the thin line of LOVING to host parties as well as being ravaged by anxiety about making everything PERFECT to the point that hosting the party is causing more distress than pleasure? I’m sure I’m not the only one.

However, said shower went off without a hitch on Sunday. I had to get creative with the food spread, as I had a combo of paleo/vegetarian/gluten-free/omnivorish folks swarming my house, and an Alaskan bride who loves seafood. Hmmmm…. So instead of slaving away for days in the kitchen, I decided to order most of the items from Whole Paycheck Foods and just make one recipe from scratch. I served up Quiche Lorraine as well as a vegetarian quiche, fruit salad, bagel and lox spread, shrimp cocktail, a mixed greens salad, caprese skewers and individual crab cakes that I made from this Bon Appetit recipe. Which was ironic, since I couldn’t enjoy my own creation (I believe I mentioned before that I’ve recently come to the realization that I may have a seafood allergy, so I’ve been eating purely vegetarian for months now. So sad, but my skin thanks me.) My guests did tell me that the crab cakes were delicious, so go forth and try the recipe if you are a seafood fan.

May 003

May 004

May 006

May 007

As is necessary with ANY bridal shower, I also served up a mimosa punch, as well as iced coffee and non-alcoholic raspberry lemonade. The punch was devoured, the coffee and lemonade remained untouched 😉

May 005

Myself and guests post mimosa-devouring

Myself and guests post mimosa-devouring

Overall, it was a very successful shower and MOST importantly, the bride had a LOVELY time. It was also my first time hosting in our new home, and I realized, despite the pre-shower anxiety, that our house entertains WELL- there is a FLOW to it that lends itself to entertaining- so I’ll get over my anxiety and hope to keep hosting from here on out. Hmmmm…. maybe I can do some posts about our house updates? After all, the last post I made about the house involved the horrors of unpacking.

Also this past weekend, we hit up Tamayo in downtown Denver for an early dinner/late Happy Hour with friends. Denver residents, please do yourselves a favor and hurry up and run/bike/bus to Tamayo. We hadn’t been there in ages because it is pretty pricey for dinner, but their Happy Hour is killer, from 2-7, and is a perfect early dinner opportunity. Plus, they have a huge rooftop deck with views overlooking the mountains and the Bronco’s stadium. We enjoyed several of their Happy Hour margs/house wines, chips and guac, and I got their wild mushroom flatbread and squash blossom quesadilla- both portions were small but tasty and they get an A for vegetarian effort.

May 002

And ALSO this past weekend, we hit up Jazz in the Park on Sunday evening. It was a great way to wrap up a busy week.

Jazz in the Park balloons

Jazz in the Park balloons

May 009

So…. to summarize, I still don’t have a title for this post. Perhaps “Randomness” would have sufficed? I’d like to get myself back on track with blogging about yoga, or just blogging in general, so that’s my intention for this week. We’ll see how I do….


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