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Yoga Update: aka “Meh….Yoga”


I hope you all had a great weekend. We wrapped up our Sunday by attending City Park Jazz. Every Sunday night in Denver, there is a free jazz concert in City Park. Granted, this was A LOT more fun 10 years ago when I was young and could handle multiple bottles of wine, dancing, picnicing and overall Sunday merriment. I find that now I’m the ripe ol’ age of 33, I usually need my Sunday nights to chill out before the beginning of the work week. It’s either “too hot”, “too far” (not- it is literally a 20 minute bike ride away), “too crowded”, or I’m “too tired”.

Seriously? “Too crowded”? When did I get THAT old? But that said, I sucked it up yesterday and Tim and I biked over with some Pinot Noir and Whole Foods sandwiches strapped to our bikes and enjoyed a nice picnic with some friends. Of course, in typical Old Married Couple style, we only stayed for an hour before we deemed it “too hot” and ourselves “too tired”. But it was a lovely hour, so A for Effort.



In other news, I thought I’d share an update on what’s happening in my yoga world.

I am teaching yoga at work on Fridays, which I can say I am LOVING. Now that the pressure of teacher training and HAVING to teach is worn off, I can just enjoy teaching for the sake of sharing yoga with our patients. I am actually having FUN teaching them, and I find it interesting that while I was in YTT, I didn’t actually look forward to teaching, nor did I actually ENJOY teaching. I’m not sure if that was just a result of the stress of feeling that I “had to” or what…. but regardless, it’s nice to do it for the sheer fun and enjoyment of sharing the benefits of yoga with our patients.

Unfortunately, at the same time, I’ve felt a little lackluster (ie: “meh”) about my own asana practice. This is a bizarre feeling- I have been a rabid yogini with a ferocious appetite for yoga for years- practicing daily and getting bitchy when I don’t get my asana in. However, upon completion of YTT, I was just a bit sick of yoga. I needed a yoga break. I didn’t want to do one more freakin sun salutation. I was over it.

That was just over a month ago, and I’m still feeling pretty “meh” about my own practice. I actually cancelled my monthly membership to my yoga studio because I just wasn’t going all that often. #yogiguilt

I am hoping that some of this “meh” can be attributed to the arrival of summer. I’d simply prefer to be outside- walking, running, hiking, biking, etc and enjoying all the outdoor beauty that Colorado has to offer. It’s a hard time of year to stay inside, especially in Denver.

They say (not sure who “they” are, but they apparently do say) that if you’re feeling uninspired with your yoga practice, switch things up. So I’ve been connecting more with a personal home practice. After a morning jog or afternoon bike ride, I enjoy a more yin-like 30 minute home practice to stretch and balance my more vigorous cardio exercise. I’m also going to give a few Yoga Sculpt classes a shot. I went to one on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not usually a “yoga sculpt kind-of girl”, as it reminds me too much of the gym- but this particular teacher and this particular class was just enough of a combo of a great workout with a “yoga benefit” that I think I’ll give it a whirl.

So I’m struggling a bit with feeling like a yoga teacher fail. I’m supposed to be hopelessly devoted to my yoga practice, right? How can I be a yoga teacher when I don’t really want to practice 7 days a week, for 90 minutes? At least, that is what I thought I’d be doing post-training.

Then again, after everything I’ve learned from YTT, asana is just one small part of yoga. And right now, in the spirit of listening to my body, I’m honoring what it needs- a break, and a temporary change of pace.


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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

4 thoughts on “Yoga Update: aka “Meh….Yoga”

  1. we teach what we need to learn, so in your teaching… you are learning… good luck, my goal as well… I want to be a teacher too 🙂 hugs

  2. Half an hour a day sitting in your garden or a park meditating could be your home practice this month! Sounds like you’re plenty fit enough to do less asana and more of another aspect of yoga for a while.

  3. Thank you! Sound advice/feedback!

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