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Love and Union

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Oh boy, what a weekend! I’m so filled with love and gratitude and excitement that I’m not even sure where to begin! But, on the flip side, I am completely exhausted from all the festivities of the last few days, so I’ll try to sum this up and make it quick.

This weekend one of my dear friends married his partner in a beautiful civic union celebration. There was love and fun all over the place!

Me and my gal Kristy

Me and my gal Kristy

Friday after work the grooms invited some of their friends for a casual bike ride around City Park in Denver. There was a whole group of us bikers (sorry Denver drivers, we were hogging the road and not obeying bike etiquette- a usual “no no” for me, but we were all giddy from the excitement of the upcoming wedding, so whatevs)

May 001

May 002

After a casual ride around the park, we went to the Denver Bicycle Cafe. I’ve been meaning to check this place out for a long time now, and it was awesome. They serve coffee and beer while servicing any bike needs you may have. Check, please!

May 003

They don’t serve food other than some chips and salsa, but you’re allowed to bring in food, so the grooms ordered pizza for everyone and we noshed and gulped for several hours on their outside picnic tables. Apparently they have quite the beer list as well, at least that’s what my husband told me. I’m not a beer drinker, but luckily, the Denver Bicycle Cafe had a little something in mind for me as well- they serve a red and white house Colorado wine on tap. Yes, please.

Overall, the evening was a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Saturday morning I had my obligatory monthly appointment with my hairstylist, hit up a yoga class and then prepped for the wedding fun.

The wedding- well, it was technically a “civil union” because Colorado still hasn’t legalized gay marriage (don’t get me started)- but I’m calling it a wedding dammit!- was held at a beautiful civic building conveniently located just a few minutes away from our house.

May 006

It was the perfect evening for a beautiful union of two beautiful souls. There was amazing wines, yummy food and a fabulous play list. I did A LOT of dancing. And this morning, I was reminded that I am not 21 anymore and cannot move my body (nor, apparently, dance in heels) the same way I could a few years ago. I felt like I had done Crossfit or something. Perhaps it was all the thrusting during “Milkshake”?

In any regard, I felt so blessed that I have these two friends in my life, and that they were able to celebrate their love in front of their families and loved ones. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and companionship!

Me and Groom #1

Me and Groom #1


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