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Oh dear blog and readers, I’ve neglected you this week. Perhaps I was distracted by the May snow.

photo (97)

This white stuff arrived on May 1st, and along with it, chilly spring temperatures that are extending into the weekend. I tried not to complain too much, for fear that I would slap the next person that said “but we need the moisture”.

So instead I hunkered down, focused on my first week back to work (which went splendidly, btw!) and finalizing my final YTT project. Which I present today.

It is CRAZY to me that this is my last day of YTT. It really feels like just yesterday I made my first blog post about starting this crazy adventure, and today, it’s just wrapping up.

It is “Graduation Day”, which means we all get 10 minutes to present our “Yoga and Your Life” projects. I’m looking forward to seeing what creative masterpieces my fellow students come up with. I, on the other hand, am neither creative nor artistic, so I decided to do what I do best…. Write and talk about my job. I wrote a paper on integrating yoga into eating disorder treatment and did a pathetic basic Power Point presentation to share with the class. zzzzzzzzzzz. But hey, the biggest reason I decided to do my YTT was to incorporate yoga into my job.

So I’ll present. And we’ll wrap things up. Our friends and family are invited to join us afterwards for a pot luck and karaoke. Everyone is super excited about this. And of course, true to form, I won’t be attending the potluck. We have dinner plans with some friends. I feel slightly guilty being antisocial again on our last day, but I’ve had enough kumbaya for three months. It’s time to wrap this up and get back to my life.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my final thoughts on my YTT experience- once I gather them.

Have a beautiful day.


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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

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