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Weekend Recap

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Well, yesterday wrapped up our last official weekend of YTT. To be honest, it was a bit anti-climatic.

We basically workshopped adjustments and therapeutics. I was hoping the “therapeutics” portion would include more of a lecture on the physical and emotional benefits of asana practice, but we basically rolled around on our mats with blocks and bolsters.

photo (83)

On Sunday we did learn and practice some chakra balancing on each other, which was fun, but other than that, nothing really that noteworthy. I can’t decide if I’m just approaching the end of YTT and therefore I’m struggling with mustering up excitement about the program- or if this has just been a theme since I began YTT. I have the sinking feeling that it may be the latter- in which case, I ask myself “What kind of a yogi am I that I don’t even like my YTT program?” But that’s another post for another day.

Since I felt the need to get my weekend excitement in SOMEWHERE, my husband and I went to Boulder last night for a date night.

We started at Aji, a Latin American restaurant that we always hit up if we’re in the Boulder area. They have great vegetarian, pescetarian and overall healthful options. It was just an added bonus that they have Happy Hour all day on Sundays. 😉

We started with a lobster and banana ceviche, as well as an order of both mushroom and poblano empanadas.

photo (87)


I ordered a winter squash and coconut soup that was on the sweeter side but equally as delicious. Hard to accept the fact that it’s still cold enough here in Colorado that I’m craving soup.

photo (85)

Tim and I shared their house salad, which is always a winner.

Spinach, jicama, artichoke hearts, avocado, red beans, onions, sprouts and cotija vinaigrette

Spinach, jicama, artichoke hearts, avocado, red beans, onions, sprouts and cotija vinaigrette

Afterwards we walked over to the Boulder Theater to see Colin Hay. Yes, the lead singer from the 80s band Men at Work. This is now the third time we’ve seen him perform and it’s always an amazing show- just him and his guitar. He’s absolutely hysterical as well, so I always feel as if I’m getting a comedy and musical show in one.

photo (88)

And that was our weekend- it was a lovely way to wrap up Sunday.

This week marks my last week of my sabbatical. It is crazy to think of how quickly the time has gone by. It feels like just yesterday I was posting from Day One of my leave, and now I’m wrapping things up and getting set to go back to work. Stay tuned this week for a post about my experience being on sabbatical and thoughts and musings about my career.

And my other plans for this last week of stress-free bliss? I’ve got some self-care planned- massage, facial, haircut- you know, all the important stuff.I’ll be making final touches on the new home. We are mostly moved in and have some furniture coming this week, so stay tuned for pictures of the new home when it’s not looking like a war zone.

I’m also still feeling under the weather and like I’m fighting off a spring cold, so more juicing and today I may bundle up on the couch with the newest Vegetarian Times magazine and a healthy dose of Twilight. Who needs cold medicine when you’ve got Bella and Edward?


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