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Lessons Learned

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This weekend marks off my last official “full weekend of Yoga Teacher Training”. Meaning, Saturday and Sunday. Next weekend we have a special training that is optional (I opted, instead, to go to Vail with my husband) and the following weekend we just have YTT on Saturday- it will be “Graduation Day”

So alas, I’m feeling pretty happy about this being my last full weekend of YTT. Have I mentioned that I am DONE with it, yet? I’m officially yoga-d out. I know I’m yoga-d out when I opt to go for a run (which NEVER happens) instead of go to a yoga class.

That said, the final 6 sessions of YTT look super interesting:

– Therapeutics, which, as a therapist, I’m super interested in learning more about
– Healing Touch
– Ethics
– The Business of Yoga
– Dharma Sharing
– Living Your Yoga

Hopefully they’ll give me something interesting to blog about. Because I’m worried I’m running out of content. I wasn’t even sure what to post today for you all today?

Hmmm…I’ve got a picture of a spring pasta salad I made yesterday that was DIVINE.

photo (80)

This hunk of goodness contained leeks, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, greens, peas, broccoli and gluten-free penne. It was the perfect solution to a desire to have spring ingredients but on a chilly day.

The other thing I could post is one of the biggest lessons I learned this week.

On Thursday, I went to my favorite fish taco place with my husband and a friend. Problem was, we didn’t get the memo that it is “Kids Eat Free Thursday”. The normally super chill place was overrun by screaming children. I had to double check the menu to make sure we weren’t at Chucky Cheese.

Now, that said, I should clarify- since I haven’t posted on this subject before- it’s not that I have anything against children. Really.

But they are pretty foreign to me. They scare me. They can be loud. They can be messy. Especially on Thursday evening. It wasn’t a pleasant dining experience.

photo (81)

So, note to self: Don’t go to Wahoo Fish Taco on Thursdays.

Afterwards, I broke out into a mass of hives. I wasn’t sure if it was the children, or the shrimp salad I had. This is now the second time since I’ve started eating seafood again that I’ve broke into hives after I’ve had shellfish.

Note to self: I’ve either developed an allergy to shellfish, or to children.

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Thanks for making me smile this morning! Enjoy your last week!

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