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Community and Humanity

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By now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts about the Boston Marsthon tragedy. Simple musings, passionate words, empathic statements fill the Internet.

And so I told myself I needed to post about this as well. Say something that will make people feel better (therapist voice in me!) Be wise, be compassionate and make a statement, I told myself.

But I’m still at a loss for words. So I’m not going to force the issue and make a blog post that doesn’t feel authentic.

What I am going to do is express how this has made me homesick for my home state. Boston is a tough city filled with tough Massholes. They’ll rally and, more importantly, they’ll keep RUNNING.

Because that’s the overall message here. To not let the violent acts of one person make you take off your running shoes and give up. To not let hatred deter you from coming back next year and celebrating vitality in it’s finest.

We keep running. And cheering, and celebrating humanity.

And that said, I would be remiss to point out that this whole event has made my nostalgic for my running past. Runners are a tough crew, and an amazing crew. They band together at races, they help each other out, and they share a passion for moving their bodies.

There is a beautiful community of humanity in running.

Runners, this yogi has you in her thoughts and prayers. This yogi may even have been inspired to lace up her old running sneakers and hit the pavement (ok, when the blizzard that is hitting Denver right now subsides).

Tonight is our final teaching practicum for YTT. We’ll practice ahimsa- non violence- on our mats. We’ll send our heart’s intentions out to all the suffering across the globe. We’ll cultivate gratitude for our health, our blessings, and the gifts of every day life. We will embody love on our mats.



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  1. Very nicely put!

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