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Sh1t and Stuff.

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I realize the title of this post is so un-yoga teacher-like. But frankly, I like when my own yoga teachers drop an appropriate and fitting “f” or “s” bomb in class. “Oh, Chair Pose, the pose that makes everyone response, ‘f#@$ this s#*$’

It’s just yoga, people- it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. So hence my blog post title. Because seriously, there is sh1t and stuff everywhere.

And I’m going to be BRAVE and post what my new house looks like. Even when all my STUFF is EVERYWHERE and my OCD is screaming at me to STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND GET IT ORGANIZED AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T MAKE THIS MESS PUBLIC!!!


I posted yesterday about how much I hate moving. It’s such a bizarre experience. All of your personal items boxed up for a brief transport across town.

Or, in our case, across the country. Since 2008, we were on a crazy journey of selling our house in Denver, moving to a temporary apartment, building a home in Massachusetts, living with my parents for 6 months, living in the new home, realizing that wasn’t the lifestyle for us, trying to sell the home in Massachusetts, moving BACK to Denver into a temporary apartment, then temporary house until our Massachusetts house sold, and now FINALLY- OUR OWN HOME AGAIN.

Which is cause for celebration. But I can’t celebrate, because I’m freaking out about not having my stuff organized. I’m like Monica on “Friends”. But even Monica probably couldn’t move “perfectly”. One of my friends sent me a text today that reminded me, “no matter how organized you think you are, moving sucks.” Thank you, Melissa. 😉




Do you notice that I’m hoping that if I hit “thumbnail” instead of “medium” to post these pictures, it will make the mess SMALLER? Actually, the truth is I can’t figure out how to post pictures next to each other. I joke you not. I promised you that this would not be a technologically-savvy blog.


Then again, I remind myself that this is a beautiful opportunity to practice simplifying. I am getting rid of so much STUFF left and right, donating it, selling it, that it feels liberating. I firmly believe in the power of simplifying our life and all the crap in it- material and otherwise.

After all, we purposely bought a SMALLER house. Strange, I know. My realtor even said, “Um, I never meet a couple that wants to buy SMALLER and SIMPLER.” But my husband and I decided that our values and goals are in traveling the globe, not investing in a home. We wanted simple, we wanted small. We wanted a place that was perfect for our family of two (plus dog), but that allowed us to pool our funds towards traveling.

So this weekend has been about purging all the sh1t we don’t need. Keeping the essentials. Simplifying. We don’t need 10 spatulas. One will suffice. It’s better for the planet, anyway, to keep things simple. So this week we’re on a massive mission to donate, recycle and simplify.

Regardless, the entire weekend reminded me of this precious clip of pure genius. Rest in Peace, George Carlin, while I figure out where to put my stuff.

This post is dedicated to my mother. A stuff-accumulator and Carlin-fan. And I love her for that.


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