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So, I write this blog entry from my couch, which is pretty much the only place I have to sit. I’m surrounded by crap everywhere moving boxes and other odds and ends that tell stories about my past. That’s the best part about moving, after all- re-living the stories, right?

Especially for us- [to give a brief background, we’ve basically been living sparsely and out of boxes for two years. We moved from our home in Massachusetts to Colorado with the bare essentials while we waited for that home to sell, then rented for two years while everything was in storage- so basically, unpacking is like Christmas Day- we don’t know what we’ll find in any box].

“What the Hell is this thing? Oh wait, didn’t we get that from Auntie Paula? Or did we pick that up in San Francisco? No, that was the wine glasses….. where did those go? I could have sworn we had a cheese board from Napa as well….. HOLY SHIT IT’S MY JUICER! I FORGOT ABOUT MY JUICER! HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT MY JUICER FOR SO LONG!!!!”

photo (51)

I could go on and on. I have a desire to write something witty and awesome about lessons learned from moving, but I’ll save it for another day. It’s late and I’m DONE.

So instead I’d share a few pictures thus far of our move.

We kicked off the moving celebration on Thursday night by treating ourselves to dinner at Charcoal. I’d heard great things about this modern Scandinavian restaurant and it did not disappoint.

photo (48)

I ordered the Boston Bibb Lettuce salad to start- with watermelon radish, brioche croutons and a tangy dill goat cheese dressing. It was a reminder that I can never go fully vegan or gluten-free, nor do I want to. [Side note- I’m done with trying to define my diet to fit into a neat box. Gluten-free-vegan-vegetarian-pescetarian-omnivore-flexitarian-clean eating. WHATEVER. I like food too damn much.]

photo (49)

For my entree, I enjoyed a Grilled Shetland Island salmon with white asparagus and a horseradish sauce. Again, amazeballs.

photo (50)

It was a lovely way to celebrate our new home and relax- before the chaos began.

Friday we spent all day moving boxes. It sucked. Moving sucks. But that is another post for another day.

After all our hard labor, it was time to order some take out and play around.

Greek take out- first meal in our new home!

Greek take out- first meal in our new home!

Men playing around

Men playing around

Today, we finished moving all of our crap into the new home, with the assistance of some very gracious friends. We treated them to beer and pizza as a thank you. We had some other friends stop by with a housewarming gift (champagne, cheese cutting board and some artisan cheeses- how well do they know us?). Oddly, there was chaos everywhere, but I felt surrounded by support and friendship. Seriously, I’ve said it before, but we have awesome friends.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking. There’s a small dent in the chaos. I’m trying not to let my OCD take over. I’m rapidly scanning all the stuff we need to do and it’s enough to make me reach for some Xanax. But even that is buried somewhere in the depths of our toiletries, so perhaps I’ll just hang out in child’s pose for a bit and take a few deep breaths.


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