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Snowy Tuesday

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Good evening.

Confession: I initially titled this post “Monday”, until my husband glanced over and said, “Isn’t it Tuesday?” Ah, to be on leave. 😉

Well, we all survived Monday Tuesday. Although I don’t have too much to complain about during the early weekdays anymore, now that I’m on sabbatical.

It was a very chilly snowy morning here in Denver, although the much anticipated “Colorado Blizzard” was really much a’do about nothing. Regardless, I slept in, made myself some green tea and did some light reading. Yeah, nice and light.

"Light" Reading

“Light” Reading

I spent most of my morning working on my playlist and sequencing for my upcoming community class. And to be completely transparent, it was another reason why I don’t think I even want to be a yoga teacher after this. Perhaps it’s just for beginners, but sequencing and music and planning for a yoga class is extremely time consuming. Again, yoga teachers, I applaud you. It’s A LOT of work. (So the next time you go to a yoga class, give your teacher some extra love- there’s a strong possibility they worked really hard on preparing for that class).

Luckily, in YTT this week, we are working on sequencing poses and creating classes.

photo (43)

photo (42)

photo (40)

We’ve been breaking off in small groups and creating mini classes to teach to the rest of the group. Unfortunately, last night, we had a bunch of Type A energy yogis and yoginis create a class to teach. At the time, all of our ideas seemed AMAZING. We patted ourselves on the back. And then we workshopped it and most of us almost fell over halfway through. Child’s pose, anyone?

Suffice to say, I was pretty sore today. I spent the afternoon in a private tutorial I had to schedule due to skipping not being able to go to YTT this coming weekend. While we close on our house tomorrow (YAY!), we’ll be moving over the weekend and I didn’t think I could manage arm balances and moving boxes without losing sensation in my biceps.

After my tutorial, I ran some errands, came home and ran my new class through my guinea pig husband, and then we settled in for a hearty, simple winter-esque meal and cozy night on the couch.

Roasted sweet potato topped with sauteed greens, shiitake mushroms and onios

Roasted sweet potato topped with sauteed greens, shiitake mushroms and onios

Tomorrow brings another busy day- yoga in the morning, closing on our house and the craziness that ensues with beginning our move. Stay tuned!


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