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Furniture and Food


Well, my Sunday was a mixed bag.

For YTT, we had to teach a class while being videotaped. Basically, each student had a series of postures they had to teach and we linked them together to create one 1.5 hour class. Then, our instructors played back the video critiquing giving constructive feedback to each of us regarding our teaching.

I did not like this one bit. I’m overly sensitive, and even though the feedback I received was mostly positive, the concept of having a videotape of you watched and discussed in front of 25 people was enough to turn me as bright pink as my Lululemon top.

However, all things come to an end, and before I knew it, class was over and I headed out to meet Tim and our realtor to do a final walk through of our new home! Exciting stuff.

We grabbed lunch afterwards at North, one of my new favorite restaurants in Denver (well, it’s not really new, but new to me). Love their menu and they always have great Happy Hours specials. I ordered the Farmers Market salad and we started with some amazing zucchini chips.

photo (34)

Zucca Chips with Organic Sea Salt

Zucca Chips with Organic Sea Salt

Afterwards, we ventured over to Crate & Barrel and explored new furniture possibilities. I could spend FOREVER in that store. All things spring were out and I had visions of backyard BBQs dancing in my head.

photo (36)

We think we found a desk for Tim, who works from home and needs a large but classy desk for dual monitors. Frankly, it’s been hard to find one up until now.

photo (33)

I fell in love with a coffee table. Who knew it was possible to fall in love with a piece of furniture? What I loved about this piece is that it has multiple purposes. Our new home is über tiny and we need to make the best use of space- this serves as a coffee table AND a bench for entertaining guests.

photo (35)

We wrapped up the day by making a delicious grilled shrimp salad with butter lettuce, grapefruit, avocado and basil. I threw together a dressing with coconut oil, lime juice, agave and rice vinegar.

photo (37)

The springlike weather called for something light, fresh and healthy. Of course, that said, we are supposed to get hit with a snowstorm tomorrow. Time to roast some sweet potatoes and curl up with a blanket and fleece socks! I’ve actually got my work cut out for me. I need to sequence my next community class. This time, I’ll be teaching to “normal” people (ie- friends, not patients) who don’t have as many contraindications as my patients- so I can get creative. I’m thinking a spring detox flow.

Happy Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Furniture and Food

  1. “Tim looks so professional at his desk, it was made for him”, said one of the “normal” people. 🙂

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