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Oh, Sunday morning. I can’t wait until I don’t see you until at least 8:30 am again.

Sundays are my early days for YTT. We practice from 8:30-12:30, so this requires me to get up around 7:30 most Sundays (and thereby limits my Saturday night activities, which is usually fine- my husband and I are usually in bed by 10:00 even on weekends- sad but true).

So while I’m usually an early riser, I can’t wait to have my Sundays back- leisurely sleeping in, sipping some coffee hot water with lemon, listening to jazz and talking to Tim about what fun we’re going to have in the day ahead.

That said, we’ve got a pretty good day planned ahead. After YTT today, we are going out for lunch and then going furniture shopping. I am SO excited. We got some extra love from the Tax Man this year that surprised us, so in anticipation for our new home, we are going to do some shopping at the usual suspects- Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm- get some inspiration and ideas for home decor, whip out the plastic, and thank Uncle Sam.

But first, yesterday’s YTT class was actually AWESOME. The anatomy practicum was super fun and it was great seeing how creative people got with their language and posture cues.

photo (28)

Then our awesome teacher Anne let us go outside to the park across the street downtown. OK, so we really begged like middle school children…. “Anne….. can we go outttsssiidddeeee?”

photo (29)

We spent most of the afternoon playing learning.

photo (30)

T’was the best day for me yet in YTT. Finally- I can say that! Perhaps it was the spring weather that made me so happy.

photo (31)

Hard to believe it’s supposed to be 29 and snowy on Tuesday! Ah, Colorado.


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