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Spring Saturday


Happy Saturday!
Boy, it is a good thing that this is our last month of YTT- because the weather is getting increasingly gorgeous here in Colorado and I’m losing motivation to spend my Saturday afternoons in a yoga studio.

But I took advantage of my morning and my husband and I took a long walk with Gus and stopped for breakfast burritos.

photo (27)

After our walk, we continued packing for our move next week. Our house is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders. There are boxes and crap EVERYWHERE. This is grating on the obsessive-compulsive side of me, but I figure it’s a necessary evil for the next week or so.

photo (26)

Now, I’m wolfing down a salad while blogging before I have to head out to YTT. Today is our anatomy practicum- which means we each have to teach an assigned pose to the class while using proper anatomical terms and description. We also were required to write a one page essay on this specific pose. I have been assigned revolved triangle.

photo (25)

I’ve been working on this all week- which means I’ve been talking out loud and to myself for days now. “Now contract the gluteus medius”….. But really, who actually SAYS that in a real yoga class?

Anyhoo, we also have a practicum tomorrow that will be video taped and we’ll be reviewing the tape. The idea of this freaks me out. I absolutely hate to hear recordings of my voice. “Do I really sound like that?” I think. Ick.

But alas, this is all part of the home stretch. Four weeks to go


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2 thoughts on “Spring Saturday

  1. ohhhhh my favorite pose 🙂

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