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The Final Stretch

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Tonight marked the end of our 9th week of YTT. Officially, we have four weeks to go. I can hardly believe it. Where did two plus months go? It really seems like just yesterday I walked into that room with no idea what I was getting myself into.

So now we’re down to the wire, and if you’re wondering what happens in the last month of YTT, I can say- for me- it’s a mad dash to turn in all the assignments and complete the required readings. I’ve got four hours of community service to do (two of which I’ll accomplish tomorrow by making sandwiches for a local food bank), one more (out of four required) community classes to teach, and a “Yoga and Your Life” final project- basically taking any aspect of yoga and making a final project about it to present to the group on the last day. Initially I thought I’d come up with some sort of asana sequencing specific to eating disorders treatment- but frankly, since I’m enjoying my time away from work, I’d like to continue keeping my work brain turned off. But that means I have one month to conjure up a project. Our teachers have asked us to think about what we LOVE to do and how we can combine yoga with that love.

I’m thinking of either doing some type of yoga and traveling presentation- postures you can do while traveling to combat the effects of- well, travel- on the body (since I love to travel and have been known to do handstands in international airports after 13 hour flights- like this one in Amsterdam- complete with bloated feet and ankles- damn flight from Cape Town!)…..

IPhone 160

I was even thinking about putting together a travel kit complete with dehydrated coconut water 2013022811391499564_lrg and a security line-friendly 3 ounce bottles of aromatherapy to raffle off, and a deck of cards with yoga postures to do while traveling. Or even a PODCAST of yoga poses you can do in the car, airport or on a plane.

But I’m not creative, and that would require me to go to Kinkos and do some type of printing. Or actually make a podcast. I don’t do that kind of stuff.

Or, since I love to cook nutritious, healing foods, I’ve thought about doing some type of cookbook or presentation on foods that will help balance the chakras and actually make and present foods for the class to try. Or involving some type of juice sampling for each chakra since I love my juicer- but that would be uber messy and uber time extensive.

Both ideas would require some work, planning and namely, creativity- NOT my strong suit. I’m more of a writer, not an artist. And while this project only needs to be about an 8 minute presentation to the class, it still entails effort. And on top of my move next week and needing this month to chill out and rest, I’m not sure how much WORK I really want to put into this.

Especially considering that, overall, I can’t even say that I am all that excited about my YTT experience. There are a slew of things they don’t tell you when you start YTT that I’ve come to realize…But that’s a post for tomorrow, so stay tuned for my unedited version soon;)

In the meantime, if anyone had any ideas for a Yoga and Life project or wants to share their thoughts or experience, please let me know- I’m desperate!!!


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One thought on “The Final Stretch

  1. I love both ideas. You ARE an artist and you’ll pull it together beautifully. Can’t wait to hear about it:)

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