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I received an adorable Easter card in the mail last week from my cousin Pam, that I just had to post here.


And what she wrote took me on a trip down memory lane.

I have always loved Easter Sunday. Which is odd, seeing as I consider myself a recovering Catholic and am no longer an active member of “The Church”. (Love and the yoga mat are now my religion- gasp!).

But growing up, Easter Sunday was even better than Christmas morning. My cousins, sister and I would wake early, follow the trail of jelly beans the Easter Bunny had left through the bedroom, down the stairs to our Easter baskets. Sugar and treats galore ! We’d overdose on Peeps (they had Peeps back in 1987!), throw on our bonnets and pastels and head to church together, dragging our begrudging fathers and proper mothers. Upon return from Mass, we’d partake in EPIC egg hunts.

I grew up on an estate for which my father was a caretaker. There were egg hunts that spanned hundreds of square feet for all the neighborhood children. I remember running through fields, delicately picking tin-foiled chocolate eggs from the buds of tulips and other spring bulbs just beginning to blossom. To this day, I can’t smell a hyacinth without having a vision of my younger self, giggling with my cousins and sister, chocolate stained lips and fingers.


So while I’m no longer 10 years old and a proper church goer, there is something about Easter Sunday that I still love. And it’s not about the chocolate- although I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to buying one Cadbury Creme Egg each year as a special treat. Just one. 😉

What I love about Easter is that, for me, it’s really a celebration of Spring. It’s a time of renewal, hope and optimism.

It’s a time to celebrate the rebirth of all the goodness Nature provide for us. We start to see green buds on trees, color peeking out every so slightly from the ground. Winter’s hearty root vegetables are replaced with fresh greens and asparagus. The birds sing to us sweetly. Mud oozes onto our boots.

Easter is a beautiful time to take a look at your life, your habits, your connections- and think about what seeds you’d like to plant now in order to cultivate fresh health and happiness.

So Happy Easter/Spring/Passover/Life. Enjoy your day with your loved ones. Eat some chocolate and jelly beans. Take a long walk and soak in the signs of rebirth happening all around you in nature.

Tomorrow I won’t be waking up in the early morning following a trail of jelly beans down the stairs. I’ve got a bike ride planned followed by brunch with friends. I will spend the first part of my Easter Sunday in YTT, continuing today’s workshop on backbends.

photo (18)

Backbends help us ENERGIZE and REFRESH. Which, in my opinion, are the key elements of Spring- energy and rejuvenation.

Easter- and spring- are a reminder that there is life after death/winter. That there is always- ALWAYS- potential for rebirth, reinvention, and growth.

Happy Spring Day of Celebration. Open up your heart to the beauty of this season.



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