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Face Your Fears

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Yesterday in YTT, we did our second workshop on inversions. Specifically, handstands. And even more specifically, how to teach our students how to face their fears about handstands by helping them prepare physically and mentally for these challenging postures.

Handstand Workshop

Handstand Workshop

Of course, what we learned is that, like so many other postures, the main thing that holds us mere humans back from actually being able to do a challenging pose is not our physical limitation, but our mental ones. Namely, our fear.

There’s no other way to put it- but inversions can fvck with us. They scare us. And why do they scare us?

Because they involve flipping our world upside down. They involve the direct opposite of everything we know to be true, safe and stable.

And there is value in this. Every now and then, we need to ask ourselves this:

“What about my life needs to change? What isn’t working for me? How can I shake things up? What about my life do I need to drastically change and flip?

I’ve been asking myself these very questions for a few months now. And it isn’t because I drooled over this image of an INVERSION at a VINEYARD?

Photo credits:

Photo credits:

I’m in love with that image on so many levels. First of all, the only thing I do when I go to a vineyard is sip and socialize.

South Africa Wine Country- last year

South Africa Wine Country- last year

South Africa Adventure 2012

South Africa Adventure 2012

But I digress, this blog isn’t about wine tasting (yet….ok, maybe a little).

My point is this- you don’t need to be a Master Yogi to do an inversion- you don’t need to do a handstand or some other crazy physical asana. You just need to question yourself.

What in my life needs to change? Where in my life could I stand to turn things upside down?

Face your fears. Flip some part of your world.

Trust me, I get it. I’m currently in the process of turning my world upside down. Something I know to be true, safe and secure is gone. For now. There are some major changes (potentially) happening for me in my life that scare the sh1t out of me. So all I can do is spread my palms, ground down into the earth and hope that the universe can hold me upside down.

But more to come about this on Monday.

For now, it’s almost Friday. Cheers. Enjoy the weekend.


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