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Gross Factor

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So the cadaver lab. 

Well, that was much a-do about nothing.

But heading in, I didn’t know that. I took a few self-portraits so you could all enjoy the full array of emotions I was experiencing.



That’s not to say it was absolutely disgusting and grotesque. At least certain parts. (Let me put it this way, I’m glad I don’t eat chicken or turkey- there was a strong resemble to…. poultry tendons and muscles- but that’s the only detail I’ll give).

But overall, it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I imagined. There were certain parts that weren’t as horrible as I imagined, and I was definately the student standing the furthest away. And the first one to race out of the warehouse door (yes, it WAS a sketchy warehouse- my predication was correct!) and drive down the freeway with my windows rolled down despite the cold spring temperatures. And I have no desire to ever do that again. And frankly, I don’t think it was absolutely necessary for Yoga Teacher Training to attend a cadaver lab. I think our anatomy lessons were perfectly sufficient. 

However, it’s done. I’m practicing the art of “letting it go” and distracting myself from memories of the visuals by working on a new sequence for the yoga class I’m teaching at work on Friday.

8 weeks down, 6 weeks to go. 



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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

One thought on “Gross Factor

  1. Nice work Liser! You are almost there!!!

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