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Prelude to Corpse…Pose


I’ve been in denial that this moment would arrive.

Tonight is the eve of the “Cadaver Lab” for YTT. 

Tomorrow, we will carpool north of Denver to a lovely warehouse (ok, it’s a professional office, but I’m sorry, in my mind, it’s a creepy warehouse managed by a creepy dude who loves dead bodies).

I know I should be more mature about this. I know I should be all “yoga-like” and say things like “it’s a just a body, it’s fascinating, it’s an amazing learning experience, the body is impermanent, we are not the body”, etc, etc. Because that’s what everyone else in my training is saying.

Except me. I am MAJORLY creeped out. I’m getting sweaty palms and a craving for Xanax just thinking about it. 

My anxiety doubled after talking to a colleague today who had already gone through her yoga teacher training. I thought she’d be able to give me some motivation, a pep talk of sorts about how it’s not that bad. 

Her response?

“It’s absolutely disgusting. Bring essential oil to rub up your nostrils because it stinks in there. And bring a change of clothes for your card ride back- you won’t want to be smelling like that place.”


So wish me luck. Don’t worry- I won’t take pictures and post them here. I’ll spare you the details. And if I don’t post again, you can assume I ran off screaming never to return to Yoga Teacher Training again. 


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

2 thoughts on “Prelude to Corpse…Pose

  1. You must be going through YTT through CorePower- Don’t worry about; I’ve been through it- It’s not that bad- actually it’s most interesting!

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