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Green Weekend

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Oh man, I hope you all had a wonderfully green St Paddy’s weekend- And whether green meant Green Monster Smoothies, time spent outside, or green beer- who cares, as long as it was fun?

Mine was EXACTLY what the doctor (not yoga instructor) prescribed. A much needed break from YTT. 

Friday night the husband and I headed downtown for a much anticipated dinner at “one of the top new restaurants in the West”. This is always a sign, my friends, that you’re in for a sub par, overpriced, obscenely small-portioned snotty dining experience. I should have known better. And while my husband reminds me that I’m a restaurant snob to the 100th degree, even he squinted at his portion of food…. “Isn’t there supposed to be…. stuff on the plate?” he asked. 


“Roots and Leaves”- charred root vegetables, green garlic custard and spring greens

I blame my attitude on my mother and the rest of my family. I come from a long line of cooks who have a fine palate and embrace culinary adventure. That’s not to say that food needs to be expensive- quite the contrary- I grew up believing that food should be simple, tasty and affordable. 

Well, on Friday night, we definately got simple and tasty. To a fault. It was almost boring. (But quite pretty, as you can see!). And the bill was enough to make my mouth drop onto my $27 dollar plate of vegetables. 

But alas, I recovered from sticker shock. 

Saturday, I awoke to an uncharacteristically damp and rainy Colorado Day. The husband and I took care of some household chores, grabbed a much tastier and affordable lunch, and checked into a showing of “Oz: The Great and Powerful”- meh, another “don’t waste your time and money” experience. It will be a good rental. ‘Nuff Said.

I also sent the following text to my BFF- we were already dreaming of Sunday FunDay.


So Sunday, instead of crawling out of bed and sinking into my yoga mat, the husband and I made a Green Smoothie for a healthy Irish Breakfast, and met our friends for a gorgeous hike near Boulder. 


While it was relaxing to roll out of bed and not have a plan, I would be lying if I said that, despite my complaints about YTT thus far, I did not miss my weekend yoga practice. In fact, it felt like something was missing, and just wasn’t quite “right”- in my body and in my soul. 

But it was lovely to soak up the spring sunshine, go for a hike and stuff our faces with nachos and Pinot Grigio (I’d like to say we consumed potatoes and green beer, but that didn’t happen) for lunch. 


If anything, this weekend helped me hit the “reset button”. It was a reminder that YTT will come to an end, sooner than later, and to enjoy all that I’m learning while I can. Because before I know it, it will be summer and the only thing on my schedule will be hiking and lunch with friends. And maybe planning a trip to Tuscany. Ah, life is good.



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