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Choose Fun


Tonight something glorious happened.

I felt like a normal, married woman. (ie: not crazed yoga maniac)

I had a dinner out with my husband. A real, old fashioned, dinner date with Tim.

We haven’t gone out since I’ve been in YTT. 6 weeks without a dinner date is rough- especially for us- this is not our usual. We love to explore new restaurants and Denver is always brimming with fabulous cuisine. 


Once Upon a Time- Dinner Out pre-YTT

But for the past month and a half, I’m either hobbling home at 9:00 pm, exhausted and wolfing down some hummus and celery before I hit the hay- or I’m hobbling home at 9:00 pm….. Oh wait, we already ran that scenario. 

Needless to say, we barely have time to discuss all things non-yoga-related. And frankly, this week, I’ve been a bit YYT-d out. We’re about halfway through the training. 8 more weeks to go (7 if you don’t include this coming weekend, which I don’t- but I’ll get to that)

So tonight I had a rare opportunity. Following my vinyasa class, I could

A: Go home, make the gluten-free, vegan kale-stuffed portabello mushrooms I had already prepped, do some discharge summaries from work that I’m behind on, review our taxes and do all the annoying, boring household married-life tasks that really need to be done. And, after all, what would a serious yogi do? I should go home, do all of the above, and then burn some incense, bust out a few restorative poses and om-myself to sleep.


B: Blow it all off, call my husband and tell him to meet me at one of our favorite restaurants.

Option B won. 

And I have to applaud myself- excellent choice. I felt like a human again. We ordered some wine. I balanced out a few bites of Tim’s cheese appetizer with gluten-free bread and a ginormous salad. Hey, A for Effort.  We talked about everything- serious and non-serious. 

When I got home, I felt refreshed. I have been a bit crabby this week and a bit tired of YTT. Every other yoga teacher I’ve talked to about this point in training usually responds with a sigh, “Oh yeah, the half-way mark…. It’s a doozy”

So in the next few days, I plan on blogging about this point in training. I may even share some deep, dark secrets about myself and why I got interested in yoga in the first place….Nah, just kidding, I don’t have any deep dark secrets (that my college roommates already don’t know about). 

But I do think that if I’m going to be honest and transparent about my journey with YTT, I’ll need to address the crabbiness that is This Week in Yoga Teacher Training.

So stay tuned.

And choose Option B. It’s where more fun and adventure reside. 


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

3 thoughts on “Choose Fun

  1. Nice work! Where did you dine?

    • Well, we tried to go to Vine Street but there was a 45 minute wait (on a Tuesday) and then went to City o Coty but parking in Capital Hill was a cluster, so we ended up at LaLas- arugula mascarpone pesto is always a winner!

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  2. Nice work! I was wondering where the photo was from until your hubby enlightened me! Have a great weekend, we are off to Ouray tomorrow thru Tuesday…hope to catch up with you when I get back!!

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