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Hug it in

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Something amazing happened to me yesterday. 

Someone hugged me. Twice.

I know, I know. I give and receive hugs ALL THE TIME. I am a touchy-feely person- probably to a fault. I’m not afraid to embrace a random stranger with a bear hug. Not a day goes by for me that doesn’t involve a hug. After all, hugs are the greatest- probably only trumped by chocolate, kale or a good laugh right? (for more reasons why we need hugs in our life, check out this article

But yesterday I received the kind of hugs that you can feel for hours after. It had been a tough day at work. I was drained emotionally and physically, even before I crawled in to three hours of YTT. I probably looked checked out. I isolated in a corner on my mat hoping no one would notice me.

Hug # 1: Someone noticed me. One of my fellow yogis quietly sauntered over, touched my arm gently and gave me a hug while stating “you look like you’re having a hard day.” I don’t know this fellow trainee very well. But the fact that SHE NOTICED and came over to give me that message filled my heart with love and gratitude. She embodied the very notion that (I believe) one of our main goals in life is to let people know that YOU SEE THEM and that THEY MATTER.

Hug # 2: After training, my yoga teacher came over and simply embraced me (clearly I’m not a master at hiding my emotions- I must have walked into that studio with energy that screamed: “CAUTION: DISASTER AHEAD”)
She embraced me with such ferocity and authenticity that it was overwhelming. I could literally feel her attempting to transport healing energy and love into my body. I could energetically feel her attempts to fill me with peace in my heart space. It was intense.

But it got me thinking- while I’m a hugger, how often am I truly MINDFUL about my hugs? How often do I really set an intention to fill my hug recipient with love and peace? Because when you really stop and make your hug mindful and with pure intention, it can transcend darkness.

So I urge you to go forth and hug with intention. The next time you give someone a hug, really think about what you want them to FEEL, and the gifts you want to share with them- love, peace, freedom, or the message “I see you, you matter.”



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One thought on “Hug it in

  1. We shall exchange fantastic hugs this evening!

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