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Hello, March

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Ah March, you kill me.

I have always struggled with spring as a season. It’s muddy, it’s unpredictable, it’s one giant tease. Coldthenhotthencoldthenbalmy. And just when you think the worst of winter is over, and the spring bulbs begin to peek their sweet heads from the earth, Mother Nature rears her head and reminds you that you’ve got a solid 4-6 weeks before you see spring.


Afternoon stroll

This weekend, Mother Nature graced us with an insanely gorgeous weekend to kick off March- we hit 60 degrees both days. My husband debated on whether to go skiing or mountain biking on Saturday. Denver-ite Decisions.

I was tempted to bring out my sandals. I got extra blond highlights. I went shopping and bought Breaking Dawn Part 2 pastel patterns, flowers and sunglasses. There may have been a pair of bright pink skinny jeans in my bag until I realized I’m too old to wear them well and they belonged back in my 1987 closet.

We took a leisurely, warm afternoon stroll with Gus. It was warm enough that you almost felt you needed sunscreen- but there was still remnants of the recent winter storm we had. I encountered a snowman during our walk today and thought it was blog-worthy. Mr. Snowman served an important reminder to not get too excited, that we just had a snowstorm 5 days ago.


During YTT, we opened the studio doors and drank in the fresh air. We took multiple breaks outside, soaking in the sunshine in our bare feet. I couldn’t help but think, “is it time to switch boots for ballet flats?”

Saturday in YTT we powered through demonstrations and practice of a second standing series, and then turned our focus to, well, to make it simple, the whole “chakra” thing. We spent several hours learning about all 7 chakras, as well as the effects of a yoga practice on all aspects of our body. Truly fascinating stuff that I won’t even begin to discuss here on vitadventure- because my brain is still processing a small percentage of what we were taught. At some point when I feel more confident and knowledgeable, I’ll share some of what I learned. But basically, the lesson is simple- yoga makes you feel GOOD because of x, y and z.


Wise teacher and students

And Saturday night Tim and I checked out The Garden, a “newer” restaurant in Park Hill.

Denverites, if you are at all into healthy eating, this is THE PLACE TO GO. We took advantage of restaurant week and their 52.80 menu. We both got the massaged kale salad. Tim had a lentil millet cake for an appetizer while I chose a vegetable crudite platter. And for a main meal, I chose the raw, vegan lasagna. Which was OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD.


This lovely entree (followed by a key lime mousse dessert) was actually a lovely reminder of how much I truly love raw foodism. I went through a raw food phase for several months about two years ago and during this time, I felt absolutely amazing- physically, mentally and emotionally. I had more energy, I felt satisfied, my yoga practice deepened and I felt like I was truly experiencing vitality. That said, it was incredibly difficult to sustain, and as I’ve said before, I don’t believe in strict dietary rules, so I backed off for several years


Raw, vegan key lime mousse

But my raw, vegan meal at The Garden actually felt like the perfect way to welcome in spring. Now that the weather is getting warmer, (and especially after learning that my Ayurvedic constitution of pitta lends itself nicely to raw foods), it seems natural to be including more raw foods in my own nutrition. While I always stand by the “everything in moderation” philosophy, my intention for this spring is to listen to my body and incorporate more of what makes it feel good.

Oh, and in related news, remember that time I warned Denver that there was about to be a cucumber shortage in order to balance out the red wine I should be avoiding because it aggravates my pitta fire? So apparently, someone was listening. Because this happened at Sprouts today.


A sale on cucumbers? For real? The universe has been listening. I saw this display, giggled and pointed this out to my friend Melissa (and one of few loyal blog readers) who happened to be shopping at the same time. She responded, “49 cents? That’s a lot of wine you can drink now!”. Sigh. A girl after my own heart.

And that was my first weekend in March. I hope yours was just as lovely, and filled with friends, food, fun, adventure and vitality!


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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

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