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First classes, cucumbers and kitchens


Oh hey friends!!! A good happy Saturday morning to you!  I fell off the face of the planet this week- sadly, it was not due to any exciting adventure. It was just, well, life. 

This week wrapped up week FOUR of YTT- I can hardly believe it- week FOUR? It’s been a month since I first posted with nerves and anxiety about this experience. I’m a third of the way through- 9 more weeks to go!

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that I had the opportunity to teach my first yoga class!!!

That’s right, folks. OK, the disclaimer is that I taught at work- which means, as a fellow colleague/yoga instructor said, “think- yoga through molasses”. Eating disorder patients tend to have osteopenia and/or osteoporosis, so their yoga practice needs to avoid any type of forward bending or spinal twists that can compromise the integrity of their spines. And many of them have struggles with extreme exercise, so the goal is to SLOW.THEM.DOWN.

While most staff was out for a training yesterday, I held down the fort and taught my first class. I was so nervous heading into it, and thought I would butcher my sequencing and cues because of my nerves. But I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Once I started teaching, it just felt natural. I felt like it flowed. I made a few mistakes, laughed at myself and got back on track. I need some finesse and more experience, but the best part was that I really ENJOYED teaching and giving my patients the gift of yoga.

In other YTT news, this week’s training involved two evenings of lecture on Ayurveda, one of the oldest Eastern medicinal philosophies. I won’t go into it, and if you want to learn more about Ayurveda, I suggest this book, which is our required reading for the training. Or just Google it. The goal of Ayurveda is to create optimal health and vitality through balancing your dosha- that is to say, eating and drinking foods and liquids that will create harmony for YOUR body type. You can determine your dosha online at if you are at all interested. Needless to say, upon realizing that I am 80% pitta (fire!), I was not happy to learn that red wine is not an optimal liquid for the pitta dosha. I asked our teacher, Beth, if I could balance out the effects of red wine on my dosha by eating cucumbers (cooling) with it. Everyone in the class laughed. But I wasn’t joking. Someone call Whole Foods, there’s about to be a cucumber shortage in Denver.

ImageThis week, my husband and I continued our frenetic house hunting search. I do not find house hunting fun or exciting. We’ve been looking now for for months. We had a few disappointments and I’m over it.  I realize I’m over it when I start judging their furniture rather than looking at the actual house. Why on Earth would someone choose that duvet cover? But this week I drooled over this kitchen and dreamed of all the delicious meals I could make for family and friends here.

And when I wasn’t yoga-ing, working and house hunting, I was out enjoying Denver’s 52.80 Restaurant Week with my husband and friends.

Now I’m off for a hair appointment (took priority over a morning vinyasa class, I’m sad to say- but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do- do you SEE my roots?) and week 5 of YTT- we’ll be working on the Subtle Body (I have NO idea what that means) and Standing Poses this weekend. More to come.
Enjoy your weekend- I hope wherever you are you’re experiencing a taste of spring!


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