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Bunching and Beets


Was a handstand all it took?


Mom and I in South Africa last year

I came out of YTT this evening, checked my Iphone and I somehow had 14 new notifications on my WordPress app. Apparently you people LIKED my post/blog? And by people, I mean, other than my mother. (No offense, Mom) Where did you (10) people come from? Who are you? You’re not related to me (lucky you), so I have no idea what transpired in the past 12 hours, but I’m liking it. And of course, the fact that I have over 10 people who “like” my blog is a success for this technologically challenged woman who is truly just writing this blog for herself and the only six people that I thought were reading it- my Mom and Dad, my mother in law, Sue, my friends Dave and Melissa, my cousin Pam, and my husband, Tim. And yes, as my loyal followers, they get their photo posted tonight.


Dad and I reaping the bounty of the tomato harvest this September

So there must have been some WordPress fairy today that got the word out that some chick is talking about YTT and other things. But now I feel pressured. I have to come up with something brilliant, something funny, some amazing artistically inspired background photo, etc. People are reading this. I’ve got to make it worth your time! But I hate to inform you- I’ve actually got nothing.

I could talk about my inversions workshop today, but I will get to that at a later date.

I could warn you all on the dangers of including beets in your morning smoothie, which I did today. Turns out- not such a good idea. I noticed this morning a random lone roasted beet in my fridge and added it to my almond milk/kale/berry/chia seed concoction this morning- but turns out, even my Vitamix can’t make that taste good- consider yourself warned.


Melissa and I in Santa Fe, NM

I could talk about my adventure to Lululemon this afternoon. But I can’t do that without expletives. My sister used to work for Lululemon, so all of my current Lulu clothes are either hand-me-downs from her, or something she just shipped me. I never had to go IN there and try sh1t on. I realize I’m walking on eggshells here, because in the  yoga community female population from 18-40 years of age, Lulu is the Holy Grail. 

My first thought while walking in there was “Holy shitNeonBatman”. So.much.neon. Once my pupils adjusted and I began trying clothing on, I began to notice the muffin top that was appearing as if out of nowhere on me. “Aren’t these pants supposed to make your body look rockin?” I thought. Especially considering the pair my sister sent me 5 years ago still make me drool over my own ass.

But maybe they changed their designs and fabric recently, because, man, some of those pants were NOT flattering. I walked in, all positive and confident- I’d been eating great all week and yoga-ing every day. I’ve seriously cut back my wine drinking. I thought I was looking and feeling good. Instead, I gazed down at all the WEIRD BUNCHING that was happening in the dressing room, told myself it was Lululemon’s fault, bought the baggiest shirt I could find and hightailed it out of there. Thank God I work in the eating disorder field and could recognize my own body image distortion. But still. What gives, Lulu? Anyone else had this experience, namely, the weird bunching? It managed to bunch in places that I didn’t even realize I had SKIN? What kind of yogi am I that I can’t even rock Lulu?


Dave and I- Halloween 2011

But I digress. My point is that there are so many things I could talk about now that people other than Mom are reading. I wasn’t even going to post anything tonight. I had “Me Plans”.

You ladies know what “Me Plans” are. The plans you make when your boyfriend/husband is out of town. Tim is on a weekend ice fishing trip, which means I’m flying solo for the evening.

So when I got home from YTT, I took an Epsom salt bath, sauteed some shiitake mushrooms, garlic and kale and roasted some Whole Foods Alaskan sockeye salmon, poured a glass of red wine and settled in to watch some Twilight. I’m not ashamed. You ladies know you all do it. It’s the one time I can watch that movie without hearing the judgmental comment of “are those talking wolves????”


Cousin Pam and I on Cape Cod this summer

So Twilight is waiting for me. I just wanted to make sure I acknowledged those people who have been reading Vitadventure, and who are new to my page/world. I see you. Thanks for following along. Now go forth and avoid beet smoothies and Lulu bunching. And do what you want this weekend, even if it involves talking wolves.

Peace and Blessings



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3 thoughts on “Bunching and Beets

  1. I’m famous!! Haha, that was so sweet of you, I do loyaly read, partially because I’m a socially deprived new mom 🙂 I love catching up with what’s going on in your life at two am with a baby on the boob… Haha! And now I know not to blend the beets! Thanks for the warning, now you have me craving some twilight…. :D!!

  2. Are those talking wolves!?!?! Thanks for the props, keep up the training, you are doing great!!

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