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Upside Down

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Frolicking on the beach in San Diego 3 years ago

Good Saturday morning to you! I am super excited this morning as Week 4 of YTT kicks off. Today, the first three hours of our training will be on inversions- specifically shoulderstand and headstand. 



I LOVE inversions, especially headstand. I am hoping I will love them more once I master a handstand, but that comes later in the training and frankly, my efforts to nail handstand have been pretty pathetic for several years. It happened once or twice, but that’s about it. 

Regardless, I love the feeling of being upside down, working against gravity, giving my circulation and my organs a chance to say “Wait, what? What’s this? This is different” There are tremendous healing benefits of inversions, but I’ll get to that AFTER this weekend’s training, when I’ll be a little bit more informed. 

I’m also becoming increasingly more obsessed with inversions as I secretly stalk this girl. If you haven’t checked out Rachel Brathen’s website, Facebook page or Instagram account yoga_girl, you should. She’s inspiring, gorgeous, healthy and strong. I know, I know, I feel like as a society we are probably over the somewhat narcissistic photos of beautiful people doing yoga, but for some reason, her posts have yet to annoy me :). 

I’ve got a long day ahead of me. I’ll be hitting up a yoga class this morning, and because it seems fitting, will drop by Lululemon to get myself some new groove pants, grab lunch at Whole Foods (because that’s what I do now- I feel so yogic-like- vinyasa, Lulu, Whole Foods, repeat) and then hit the studio for six hours of YTT. Ah, it seems like just yesterday I was sleeping in, lounging around the house waiting for brunch, a movie and happy hour. (Then again, in a few more weeks, that may sound heavenly)

Enjoy your weekends, and do some lounging around for me!




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