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Irony, snoring, and a funny

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I had a different post planned for this evening, but something too ironic/funny popped up that caused my dear husband to say “you’ve got to blog about this!”

So it was a LONG day today- working, evening yoga class, and house hunting in between (we are in the excruciatingly painful process of house hunting right now, which is depressing no matter how much I try to practice flexibility and subscribe to the philosophy that we’ll end up exactly where we are supposed to)…but that’s another post for another day.

Anyway, after said long day, Tim and I headed to one of our easy peasy “stand by” restaurants that we can go to and not have to think about anything. We ordered our food and when our waiter came back, he served me my salad, looked at me sideways and said “Hey, I know this is weird, but were you in that yoga class on Saturday?” I looked up and sure enough, I recognized him from Saturday’s yoga nidra workshop (during which both YTT students and the public were invited). And if you recall correctly, the workshop that really did me in due to “that snoring guy that distracted me”.
Well, I smiled back at said waiter and responded that yes, that was me.
Him: “I thought you looked familiar! That was my first time doing yoga nidra- I was the dude that was snoring so loud! You must have heard me!”
Oh yeah, buddy, I heard you.
But he was so friendly and so genuine, any residual irritation I felt about “that snoring dude” melted away. And I wished him well and told him I hoped I see and HEAR him soon in class 🙂

In other news, last night concluded week 3 of YTT. Our Wednesday evening classes consist of anatomy lessons and reviewing different parts of the skeletal and muscular systems. I’ve enjoyed this part of the training much more than I expected. It reminds me how truly miraculous the human body is and gives me new appreciation that thus far, I’m healthy and my body functions well. :::knock on wood::.

I don’t have much else to say after wrapping up week 3, so I thought I’d leave you with this funny video that Jennifer over on Back the Sutra (loving her blog lately!) posted a few days ago. I’d seen this awhile back on YouTube and it never ceases to crack me up…. if you’ve ever wondered what goes on in people’s minds during a yoga class, here you go!


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