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Good evening! Well- It has been an adventurous few days here. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I spent a few days in Breckenridge with his sister and brother-in-law, and our niece and nephew. Along with the rest of the world, who apparently all decide that President’s Day weekend is THE WEEKEND to ski in Colorado. As a resident, I should have known better. The slopes were packed to a point where was it just wasn’t that enjoyable for someone with little patience. Ahem. Me.Β 

That said, my in-laws were in town from Wisconsin and I felt blessed that I had the time to spend with them- and even more blessed to have in-laws that I actually LIKE to spend time with. We skied. We fell down. We warmed our toes with booze by the fire in the lodge. And when we were done for the day, we made an epic dinner in the condo that night and had some good old fashioned family fun.

As I drove back down from the mountains this morning to get back to Denver for week three of YTT, I reflected on a few of my blessings.

First of all, I spent Friday skiing in 6 + inches of fresh powder. By the time I drove into the city this morning, it was 60 degrees and I was lathering on the sunscreen as I took my dog for a walk (while wearing a tee shirt and sandals- me, not Gus πŸ˜‰ ) I’m blessed to live in a state where you can go skiing, rock climbing, hiking and biking in one weekend. Almost any time of year.

As I stated above, I am blessed with an amazing set of in-laws. I look forward to trips to see them and always have a blast with all of them. It’s never a bad time. They have always embraced me as their own and treated me with love and kindness- what a blessing!

I’m blessed by my friend Dave (Hi Dave!), who graciously watches Gus every time we go out of town, so that I don’t have to send him to the kennel for days on end. Mommy Guilt Adverted.

Also, this weekend, on my last run, I happened to notice a group of uniformed skiers forming a circle of sorts around a single male skier. As I approached them, I noticed the writing on their jackets. Had my iPhone been accessible and not three layers of Patagonia under, I would have snapped a picture. “Guide for Blind Skier”.

Yes, sure enough, there was a team of people assisting this blind skier down the hill. And frankly, I got a little teary-eyed under my ski goggles. Now THAT is inspirational, right??? This man wouldn’t let the fact that he was blind inhibit him from skiing. Hell no. That probably made skiing even MORE adventurous.

And so I gave gratitude for my own eyesight, which I take for granted. The sheer fact that we can open our eyes and SEE every day is a blessing. And I’d be willing to bet that this skier would have his own list of blessings if I’d asked him.

Maybe it’s all the heart opening and back bending I’ve been doing this Valentine’s Day week, but I’m all about focusing in our many blessings. I’m a firm believer that when we focus in gratitude and blessings, our perception changes and we feel HAPPIER and more content. And who doesn’t want that?

(PS- I promise a YTT post tomorrow. Today’s training was INTENSE and I need a day to decompress from it. But for those following the yoga part of this blog, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking the last few posts. Tomorrow you’ll get a good recap of the first few days of YTT Week 3.)


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30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. So glad you shared your weekend adventure. Especially about the blind skier, made my hairs stand up on my arms and a tear to my eye too! Now that’s courage!! I love reading your blogs. You make me feel happy, makes me miss you even more though! Love you cuz πŸ™‚ keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  2. Great post as always! Makes my Mondays even better! Uncle Dave

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