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Mind Blowing. We use that term loosely, don’t we? 

Well, I had a mind-blowing weekend. If I really think about it, I’ve used that term appropriately twice in my life- once when flying into Alaska on my honeymoon (truly, a mind blowing landscape) and another time while on safari in South Africa. 


Cape of Good Hope- Mind Blowing!

However, right now, I feel as if my brain is on overdrive, trying to make sense of all the STUFF I learned this weekend (both in YTT and beyond) that literally blew my mind. 

I really could go on and on- you know how when you learn new things, you want to just share this information with EVERYONE? And before you know it, you’re “that girl” who people avoid because she’s bursting with enthusiasm that borders on annoying. 

So to avoid being “that girl”, here’s a few bullet points that I must share with you all. 

1.  New Concepts

I’ve been practicing yoga for 11 years. I knew that there was “some other stuff” to the actual practice, philosophy and lifestyle of yoga. I knew that the actual physical practice – asana- was just one part of yoga. I just wasn’t sure of the rest. 

On Saturday morning, the first half of our YTT schedule focused on exploring the “8 Limbs Of Yoga“- and that our westernized concept of the physical practice of yoga postures is just an 8th of yogic philosophy. Talk about overwhelming!!!! I glanced down at my notes and blinked repeatedly. Huh? 


I could attempt to describe what these 8 limbs are– but I won’t pretend that I understand these on even a basic level (hence my link) My mind is still racing in attempts to figure out what the HECK I was taught yesterday. That said, I know what I did understand was profound, moving and meaningful. From both the perspective of a yogi and a therapist.

Basically- Week Two of YTT started with this stage and this question:


Why do we practice yoga in the first place? And the answer is simple- to achieve the least amount of suffering and the most amount of joy in this life experience our soul is having. (Ironically, this is why I chose the mental health field as a profession in the first place).

So the 8 limbs are our guide to helping us realize this goal of less suffering and more joy. 

I have pages and pages of notes from Saturday’s lecture (which was followed by a 2.5 hour practicum on standing series poses). I am still journaling on this subject, trying to wrap my brain around it. I hope to post more about this as I integrate and practice. But for now, I’ve provided you with three separate links above to check it out if you’re interested. Because this literally is enough content for several books. Not a single blog post.  

2. New Music

Have you checked out Colorado band Paper Bird? If you like folksy music-  or just music period- you will love them. Maybe I’ve been living in the dark ages, but Friday night was my first experience with their music and I was blown away. Move over, Lumineers! Their excellence was magnified by the fact that they were performing with Ballet Nouveau Colorado for the gorgeous collaboration of “Carry On”- you can check out highlights from this performance (at least the same performance in 2011) here. Ladies, if you are looking to get your music-loving man something for Valentine’s Day, grab one of their CDs!

3. New Terms-

ImageToday after YTT, I hit up lunch with my hubs and some dear friends. While contemplating taking advantage of their “bottomless blood orange mimosa” perusing the menu, I noticed this new term….  “chemically inconvenienced patrons”. A very polite way of saying “drunk”. I’m partial to “over-served” as my father-in-law states, but “chemically inconvenienced” is another new term that I’m now loving.  



Alright- It’s Sunday evening. I’ll be starting tomorrow with new music, new terms and new concepts- it’s what I love about Mondays- time to start anew!



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