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Last night, after going to a Forrest yoga class, I grabbed dinner with my husband and some friends. (Which, it was surprising that I could even lift my fork to my mouth after that class- has anyone ever tried Forrest yoga? “Whoa” is all I have to say)

One of my friends looked at me accusingly. “You haven’t updated your blog in a few days… What’s with that?” he asked.

“Um, well, I dunno.” I mumbled and gave some vague reason like I don’t think anyone is actually reading it. Which I know isn’t true (I see you, dear few followers, and I thank you!)

 So, all that said, I made it through week one of blogging and YTT- only 13 more to go!- and on the eve of Week Two, I thought I’d share a few reflections of the first week.

1.Your Yoga Changes

The MOMENT you start YTT, your own practice changes. As part of our requirements, we must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week. This week I managed to hit 5, and during each one of them, I found myself listening closely to the teacher’s cueing, sequencing and honestly, watching other students form. Long gone are the days that I can go, unfold my mat and tune into myself (well, at least, those days are on hiatus for awhile)

2. Act Like a Child

I’m in pretty decent shape. I have a somewhat vigorous yoga practice. I bike. I hike. I ski. I live in Colorado- the land of fit people. All that said, YTT is taking a lot out of me physically. I’m more easily fatigued in a “regular” class after YTT.  I am finding I have to let go of my ego- and that for now, crow pose may have to take a back seat to child’s pose… .

3. The Hips Aren’t the Only Thing that Don’t Lie

(Now you all have Shakira singing in your head, yes?) We continually hear that we hold stories, memories and trauma in our hips. Well, apparently, I hold all these things in other parts of my body as well. I’ve been amazed at the memories that are popping up left and right while I’m in different poses. Going back into Camel earlier this week reminded me of a dinner I had with my family when I was in 8th grade in Costa Rica. Whaaa? I had a memory of frolicking on the beach in Mexico on a study aboard in college while in a basic forward fold. Huh? Upward dog led to an image of my study group in graduate school 10 years ago. Where are these things coming from? My body is suddenly reminding me of every good and bad experience I’ve had- how intense! (Don’t worry, Mom, if you’re reading this- I doubt I’ll recall any childhood trauma that I can blame you for)

4. More Grub.

I’ve got to bump up my grocery list. Significantly. I’m hungry. All the time. But I’m eating at odd hours now due to the training schedule. What DO you eat at 9:00 pm when you’re famished but don’t want a huge dinner before you go to bed? Any ideas? 


(What this reflection really should say is also “more wine”, not just more grub. I was hoping that my new training schedule would have me craving seltzer instead of my usual Malbec. Friends, I am sorry to report that this is not the case. YTT has not diminished my appreciation and appetite for wine. ) 

So those are just a few reflections on week one. We’ll see what the start of week two tomorrow brings!

In other news, I’d also like to send a shout out to my friends and family back in New England- I hope you are all stocked up on essentials (wine, food, wood and water) and stay safe this weekend.

Meanwhile, in Denver, it’s been in the 50s all week. I love being able to walk my dog in the winter wearing just a vest. Life out West is wonderful. But that is probably another whole post in and of itself.


Sunny February Days in Colorado

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

6 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Glad to see your blog update, said your accusatory friend! I was looking forward to starting off my Monday with it!

  2. Enjoy your YTT. I’m in Colorado too, but the Springs. I haven’t tried Forrest or Bikram but would love to. Those two to my knowledge aren’t in the Springs.

  3. I will look into it- I asked a few people at the studio tonight but no one was familiar with studios in the Springs. If I come across some options, I will let you know!

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