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Shhh….Listen closely….


Tonight’s post was supposed to be a recap of Day 2 and 3 of YTT. Instead, something else happened that I feel the need to blog about.

I attended a vinyasa yoga class at 7:00 am today, went to work, and attended another “Power Fit” vinyasa class at 5:30 pm (I know, I know- time for a restorative/Yin class ASAP). I felt pretty decent this morning, but the 5:30 class was another story. I was exhausted. My body started speaking to me. I tried to tune in to what it was telling me, other than “get your ass in child’s pose”….

As if she could hear my thoughts, my teacher said “Listen…what is your body telling you?”

“Fish. And shrimp. I need seafood”

WTF???? Where did THAT come from? I shook my head while in downward dog. Really? Who thinks about FOOD during a yoga class (well, clearly I do!) I moved into Crescent Lunge and my body screamed “shrimp”

Seriously? What the hell was going on? For the rest of the class, no matter how often I tried to focus on my breath and a mantra of my choice, both my body and my mind were perseverating on fish.  It was as if my joints, my muscles, my bones had some wisdom that my mind did not.

[If I may backtrack a bit, I have either been a vegetarian or a pescetarian for the past 16 years- although I use these terms loosely. I’ve gone in and out of strict vegetarianism, brief moments of veganism, and eras of fish tacos and green smoothies. I’ve never been an “ethical/moral” vegetarian- it’s just felt good to my body and my soul. I’ve never paid much attention to labeling my diet. I don’t believe in it. Life is too short to constrain yourself and your dietary choices into a box. After all, one of my top values is adventure, and I crave traveling to new countries and new cultures and experiencing their cuisine. Which, rarely, fits into a strict dietary set of rules. Also, I work with individuals with eating disorders. If I’m going to practice what I preach, there’s no “perfect” or on the flip side, “bad” foods. My philosophy is simple- eat what your body tells you- no judgement.]

That said, I have been eating purely vegetarian since September- (after a good 5 year period of including seafood in my diet)- not for any particular reason- fish just wasn’t sounding good to me this fall. But you can imagine my surprise when, halfway through Eagle pose, all I could meditate on was some seafood.

So when class ended, I leapt off my mat and raced to text my “flexitarian” husband, who was on his way to meet me for dinner at one of our favorite hippie-veggie restaurants. Without even thinking, because honestly, it was my fingers leading the way, the following text exchange ensued:


OK, so maybe I was being a bit dramatic. I wasn’t going to die if I didn’t get fish tacos. But Imagehonestly, my body was screaming at me. And I spend 8 hours a day preaching the value in listening to what your body wants to nourish itself. So fish tacos it was. And frankly, they were delicious.

So I came home and promptly checked some of my blog and “about me” posts. I don’t want to ever lead people on. This is not a vegetarian or vegan food blog. I like vegetarian and vegan food and recipes. I believe in eating plant-based foods that make me feel connected to my value of vitality and health.

And I also believe in listening to your body and the wisdom it contains. I believe that life is a short adventure, and too important to be taken seriously.

And I believe in flexibility- both on and off the mat!


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

2 thoughts on “Shhh….Listen closely….

  1. Three quickly go eat some shrimp! I love the use of flexitarian…

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