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The Night Before School

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I was always the kind of kid who got excited/anxious the night before school started. From nursery school through graduate school, the night before school involved setting out my clothes, my lunch(box), my pencils and pens and all my books. I was – ok, am- pretty type A.

Tonight is slightly different. I begin my yoga teacher training tomorrow. I should be nervous. I’m not- yet- but it may be the result of an exceptional amount of Italian food and wine consumed tonight with friends and my fabulous husband in celebration of his birthday today. Isn’t he adorable?


Fabulous Hubs and me in Hawaii a few months ago

Sure, I may regret the extra helping of gnocchi tomorrow after the first 2 hours of teacher training, but it’s a sacrifice I was willing to make. 😉 After all, in the spirit of this blog, life is meant to be adventurous and – well- lived!

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up, make my usual green smoothie for breakfast, hit up my favorite yoga class “for one last time” (because I’m not doing my YTT at my “home” studio- GASP- but I’ll explain more about that later) and then embark on a journey that I’ve been thinking about taking since my first yoga class 11 years ago.

I guess I’m showing significant progress since my earlier years. I don’t have my clothes  yoga pants folded neatly at the foot of my bed, and my journal and required readings are piled somewhere in the bedroom. Which means, surely, that my anxiety is just delayed and will ramp up sometime tomorrow morning while I’m blending kale and almond milk in my Vitamix! Or at 3:00 in the morning……… as usual.


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