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Thursday Nights


I have always loved Thursday nights. I think my love of this particular evening started in college, when the anticipation of an eventful, fun weekend ahead was at an all-time high. (OK, in all honesty, I went to a party school for undergrad and Thursday nights were THE NIGHT to kick off the weekend).

When I became a working professional (ie: not a partying scholar), Thursday nights became even more exciting. Only ONE more day of work and then NO “homework” for TWO FULL DAYS! Amazing!

Tonight, I felt like I was back in a college/graduate school phase. I start Yoga Teacher Training on Saturday. This is my last Thursday night in 14 weeks that I have no responsibility, no commitment…. No homework….. (because this is what is required once I begin my training)


Gulp. Anyone got a highlighter?

So anyway, in honor of my last Thursday as a “free woman” (OK, I’m being a bit dramatic here), I ended my very full and hectic work day in my own, vitadventure-sly perfect way-

I went to yoga with a dear friend and colleague- a class which focused on us practicing full splits- hanumanasa. It was at this time that my thoughts floated to “I can NEVER do full splits- what am I THINKING starting this training? Anyone got a block….. or four?”.

This self-doubt/narrative was followed by a delicious dinner at a fabulous restaurant, glass of wine and lovely conversation with said lovely friend. And wouldn’t you know, after that, all was good in the world.

It is truly amazing what yummy yoga, food and friendship can do for the soul.


Author: vitadventure

30-something psychotherapist, yoga teacher, wife, shelter dog "Mom", yogi, traveler, wine and food lover

4 thoughts on “Thursday Nights

  1. Best three things that you can have in one day! I totally felt the same way when I started my training. I was a sticky note kinda yogi. Good luck!

    Om Ravaye Namah,

  2. Lisa,
    You are totally amazing!
    I’m not even sure how to read a blog!!

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